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高分英语作文1:A letter on women's Day

Today is March International Women's day, which is to commemorate the world's working women's struggle for peace and democracy and women's liberation struggle. From yesterday, my father and I discussed how to make my mother happy. I would first put forward a suggestion: "buy a new mobile phone for my mother." dad thought for a while and said, "Mom soon bought a mobile phone, you can use it, there is no need to change it." dad said: "we go out to buy some cosmetics, mom has there." I object: "Mom's cosmetics are too much My father and I were very anxious, and finally got her point of view.

We simply asked her what she wanted, but my mother said, "I don't want to buy, I just want to sleep." I don't know why my mother is like this, but I know that my mother is more difficult to control than college students, chatting in the daytime, holding meetings, writing papers, filling in materials, giving cles to students, and so on, we should check with our clmates in the evening Check the study in the bedroom. If it was me, I miss my mother. I don't want to do anything except sleep.

However, my father and I are determined to give my mother the gift of "International Women's Day". When I come back to do shopping, my mother is shocked. My father bought me a pair of goggles and a pillow.

My mother smiles and wishes my mother a happy "women's Day".




Today is women's day. Early in the morning, I turned on the computer to watch the news, and found that most people were going to surprise my mother. Until then, I realized that I should do something to my mother.

She had been taking care of us. Now she should have a rest. So my father and I planned some things for her father.

I told my mother that she should have a rest on this day, so my mother My mother went shopping with her friends. I decided to buy her a necklace. My mother wanted to buy a necklace for a long time, but she thought it would cost a lot of money, so she gave up my father.

I went to the jewelry store. We chose a necklace for my mother. When we got home, she would be very happy.

We started cooking. After a while, my mother saw the food coming back and she laughed Then my father took out the necklace. My mother was very surprised.

She couldn't say a word. I hope my mother has been very happy.




Direction: women have made great contributions to the progress of modern society, but there are still some people who disagree with this. Recently, some people discussed this issue in the newspaper and wrote an article to the newspaper according to the following outline the role of women in modern society prejudice and discrimination against women my comment women play an important role in modern society. Many women are now engaged in professions such as medicine, law and engineering.

They occupy a large part in offices and factories, and many of their jobs are also in line with their special abilities of gender. Some of them are holding important positions mainly held by men in the past, and even some enterprises wholly run by women. Women have made outstanding contributions to the progress of modern society, but in modern society of China, there are still women's special abilities Women's prejudice and discrimination.

First of all, some people think that it is difficult for women to do a lot of work done by men. Women are not strong enough in their eyes, and women are weak - both physically and emotionally. Therefore, women can only do housework.

Women's position is in the protection environment of the family. They believe that the world's famous scientists and politicians are ultimately men, They ert that the whole society seems to be dominated by men all the time. Men should enjoy more rights than women.

I firmly stand on the side of those women's rights defenders, because in human activities, men and women are equally important, and they should stand on an equal footing.


: 方向:女性对现代社会的进步做出了巨大的贡献,但仍有一些人不同意这一点。最近有人在报纸上讨论这个问题,根据以下提纲给报纸写一篇文章 妇女在现代社会中的作用 对妇女的偏见和歧视 我的评论 妇女在现代社会中起着重要的作用。现在许多妇女都在从事职业,如医学、法律和工程。