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关于”art开头“的英语作文范文3篇,作文题目:Art beginning。以下是关于art开头的高二英语范文,每篇作文均为高分范文带翻译。

关于”art开头“的英语作文范文3篇,作文题目:Art beginning。以下是关于art开头的高二英语范文,每篇作文均为高分范文带翻译。

高分英语作文1:Art beginning

Enzo knew that he was different from other dogs: a philosopher with a near human soul (obsessed with the relative thumb, he watched TV extensively and listened carefully to his owner, Denny On the eve of his death, Enzo summed up his life and recalled what he and his family had gone through: Denny was a man who had gained great insight into human beings In the past three years, her grandfather and grandmother have spared no effort to obtain custody. Despite his limitations, Enzo bravely saved the swift family. In his heart, he dreamed that Denny would become a racing champion.

Zoe was also around. He had learned how to be a compionate and compionate person A successful man, a smart dog, can hardly wait for the next life. When he is sure that he will come back as a man, it is a heartbreaking but very interesting and ultimately exciting story about family, love, loyalty and hope.

The art of running in the rain is a beautifully made and fascinating work, which only dogs can tell the miracles and miracles of human life absurd.


恩佐知道自己不同于其他的狗:一个有着近乎人类灵魂的哲学家(对相对的大拇指的痴迷,他通过广泛地看电视、仔细聆听主人丹尼斯威夫特(Denny Swift)的话,通过丹尼,恩佐获得了对人类的巨大洞察力他认为生活,就像赛车一样,不仅仅是用赛道上所需的技术跑得快,一个人可以成功地驾驭人生的所有磨难 在他去世的前夕,恩佐总结了他的生活,回忆起他和家人所经历的一切:丹尼为取得职业上的成功所做的牺牲,丹尼的妻子伊芙意外地失去了女儿佐伊,xx年来她的外公外婆为了获得监护权不惜一切代价,尽管他认为自己有局限性,恩佐英勇地拯救了斯威夫特一家,他心中梦想着丹尼将成为一名赛车冠军,佐伊也在身边,他已经学会了如何成为一个富有同情心和成功的人,聪明的狗几乎不能等到下辈子,当他确信自己将作为一个男人回来时,这是一个令人心碎但又非常有趣并最终令人振奋的关于家庭、爱、忠诚和希望的故事时,雨中赛跑的艺术是一个制作精美、引人入胜的作品,它以只有狗才能讲述人类生活中的奇迹和荒谬。


① On Friday afternoon at the end of last semester, we held an art festival in our school. After a long hard time, our cl, grade two, held a wonderful party to celebrate this happy festival. First of all, we have music and dance Sonata, exciting songs, wonderful waltz, and then the most popular disco music and so on, all of which make us very happy.

We have one competition after another, and soon we know that the most exciting program begins: cooking competition. Every group in our cl will be in the students When they became cooks, they made some special dishes. Although they couldn't tell the salt and monosodium glutamate from the seven o'clock the day before, all the dishes were ready, "ah, it's delicious." at this time, someone called out here and clapped.

The last time we were going to end our party, we all felt the same way: "we hope to have more and more of these things, the good times in our school life, our young students need to be happy after cl, and our life should be full of joy." (1) Art Festival l] (2) Sonata [s'na: T] n. ③ Waltz [w -: ls, W -: lts] n. ④ disco [disk u] n.

⑤ monosodium glutamate ['gu mei'paud].


① ②③④5⑤(我们的艺术节)“边工作边玩,这是快乐快乐的方式”上学期末的周五下午,在我校举办的艺术节①让我们度过了一段漫长的辛苦之后,我们班,即高二班,为了庆祝这个快乐的节日,我们举办了一个精彩的派对。首先我们有音乐和舞蹈《奏鸣曲》,激动人心的歌曲,精彩的华尔兹舞曲,然后是最流行的迪斯科音乐等等,所有这些让我们非常高兴,我们有一个又一个的比赛,很快五点左右我们才知道,最激动人心的节目开始了:烹饪比赛我们班上的每一个小组都要在学生们成为厨师的时候做一些特别的菜,虽然他们分不清前一天七点的盐和味精,但所有的菜都准备好了,“啊,味道好极了”,这时有人在这里喊道,掌声响起。最后一次我们要结束我们的聚会时,我们彼此都有同样的感觉:“我们希望能有越来越多这样的东西我们学校生活中的美好时光我们年轻的学生在课后需要快乐我们的生活应该充满欢乐“①艺术节['fest v l]n.②奏鸣曲[s'na:t]n.③华尔兹[w&:ls,w&:lts]n.④迪斯科[磁盘u]n.⑤味精['gu mei'paud]。


The new semester is coming. We are standing at a new starting point and facing greater challenges. I know that this is not an easy way to go.

But once we have mastered this trick, it is exciting to wait for a better tomorrow after learning. In order to have a correct direction, I first designed a study plan. We must have confidence.

Self confidence is the first secret of success Whether in life or in study, self-confidence is of vital importance. No matter what tomorrow is, but today has come, it is the most wise choice to grasp this point. No matter how much the gap between yourself and others is, it is a new beginning to enter the second semester.

I believe that I can successfully enter my school. I am not in any middle school. I love my school There are more than students in our school.

We have math, English, Chinese, music, art, sports and so on. Our teachers are very friendly to us. Although they are strict with all our subjects, we love them very much in cl.

They teach us knowledge. After cl, they often play games with us, such as football, table tennis, volleyball. I usually join art after school Club or sports club I think I'm happy every day at school, so I like it.