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On the occasion of the Sixth International Jazz day, UNESCO pays tribute to all musicians, poets, painters, writers, historians, scholars and jazz lovers all over the world. They pay tribute to jazz, its ability to unite people and its contribution to peace. As the great Nina Simone said, jazz is not only music, it is a way of life Shi is also a way of being.

It is a way of thinking. It is everywhere and everywhere. It inspires us to improve ourselves through music.

Today, we celebrate the international art form of jazz and its power to promote intercultural dialogue and make full use of diversity. In order to deepen respect for human rights and various forms of expression, the story of jazz is written into the pursuit of human dignity. Democracy and civil rights - its rhythm and diversity - give the power to fight against all forms of discrimination and racism The message we have to convey to the world today is that Havana is the global host city for this year's International Jazz day, reflecting the city's deep ties to the Jazz home of Mario bazaar, the famous band leader Grillo, the city, and more generally, Cuba's thriving music culture gave birth to the African Cuban Jazz movement, inspired by the wide range of cultures and peoples in the region.

Cuban Jazz is a lesson in creative diversity that resonates for the first time at the centre of UNESCO. International Jazz day will be the focus of a week-long celebration in Havana, where seminars, master cles, film screenings, performances and concerts will be held. The All Star Global concert will be a unique opportunity to showcase the world's most outstanding talents from Cuba, Latin America and around the world, including legendary jazz pianist and composer, UNESCO goodwill ambador for intercultural dialogue Herbie Han and Cuban Jazz performer Chucho vald é s, UNESCO is proud to be with Thelonious again The monk Jazz Academy and the Cuban Conservatory of music are linked to hold high the banner of jazz, and creativity.

For the sake of diversity and solidarity, this year's focus on Cuba proves the power of jazz, which can bridge common values and aspirations and unite men and women together.


在第六个国际爵士乐日之际,教科文组织向全世界所有的音乐家、诗人、画家、作家、历史学家、学者和爵士乐爱好者致敬,他们向爵士乐、它团结的能力以及它对和平的贡献致敬,正如伟大的尼娜·西蒙尼所说,爵士乐不仅仅是音乐,它是一种生活方式,也是一种存在方式,这是一种思维方式,它无处不在,无处不在,激励我们通过音乐来提高自己。今天,我们庆祝爵士乐的国际艺术形式及其促进不同文化间对话、充分利用多样性的力量,为了加深对和各种表现形式的尊重,爵士乐的故事被写进对人类尊严的追求中,和公民权利——它的节奏和多样性给了反对一切形式歧视和种族主义的力量——这是我们今天必须向全世界传达的信息哈瓦那是今年国际爵士乐日的全球主办城市,反映了这个城市与著名乐队领袖马里奥·巴扎的爵士之乡的深厚联系Frank Machito Grillo,这个城市,更广泛地说,古巴繁荣的音乐文化催生了非洲古巴爵士乐运动,其灵感来自于该地区各种文化和民族的广泛融合。古巴爵士乐是创造性多样性的一课,首次在教科文组织的中心引起共鸣,国际爵士乐日将是哈瓦那为期一周的庆祝活动的重点,在哈瓦那举办研讨会、大师班、电影放映、表演和音乐会。

全明星全球音乐会将是展示来自古巴、拉丁美洲和世界各地的世界最杰出人才的独特机会,包括传奇爵士乐钢琴家和作曲家教科文组织文化间对话亲善大使赫比·汉考克和古巴爵士乐演奏家,Chucho Valdés教科文组织很自豪能够再次与Thelonious Monk爵士学院以及古巴音乐学院联系起来,为爵士乐、自由和创造力高举旗帜,为了多样性和团结,今年对古巴的关注证明了爵士乐的力量,它可以在共同的价值观和抱负之间架起桥梁,让男女团结在一起。


Families specialize in their work. According to what they are most qualified to do, families distribute work among different members, such as mother cooking, children washing dishes, beds, father mowing lawn, painting house, doing the same thing again and again. Through close cooperation, a family can work faster and get more jobs than one person does many things.




Teamwork is the joint action of two or more people or a group. Each person contributes his own interests and opinions with different skills to achieve team unity and efficiency. This does not mean that individuals are no longer important, but that effective and efficient teamwork transcends individual achievements.

The most effective teamwork occurs when all the individuals involved coordinate their contributions and work towards a common goal.