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关于”主修人文学科的缺点“的英语作文模板4篇,作文题目:Disadvantages of majoring in Humanities。以下是关于主修人文学科的缺点的专业英语模板,每篇作文均为高分模板带翻译。

关于”主修人文学科的缺点“的英语作文模板4篇,作文题目:Disadvantages of majoring in Humanities。以下是关于主修人文学科的缺点的专业英语模板,每篇作文均为高分模板带翻译。

高分英语作文1:Disadvantages of majoring in Humanities

Along with the economic pressure and the pressure from parents, I can see two kinds of pressure affecting college students: economic pressure, I don't know whether they get a or C, I don't know where the return of humanities is? How can he prepare for the day without feeling pressure throughout the university? They are trapped in an ancient network of love, responsibility and guilt. In order to increase the pressure of parents, it is easy to look for rebels everywhere and blame the University for charging too much fees. If parents don't want their children and my children to be my children, not their children, their curiosity and curiosity are too strong, and I don't want their children Children and my children feel safe, in the loan after graduation, encourage him to go to the world, he has lagged behind, because he went out of the pressure is heavy students who just want to graduate and find a job, I like to listen to their ideas play, the two are deep integration - do not care, I also like them as the people's country needs them, they will find satisfactory I tell them to relax.

They can't and can't blame them. They live in a cruel economic environment. It's not uncommon for a student to work part-time in a university or a full-time job during the summer vacation.

It's not easy to convince those loving parents that the humanities can really make up for the intelligence they learn. Just like history and clical literature, it's those in business or in clical literature What they mean is that they try to guide their children to a safe future, but their sons and daughters want to major in history, clics, or philosophy, rather than "practical.".




++++It is difficult for people to succeed professionally without sacrificing important aspects of their personal life. In short, in view of the increasingly high professional requirements of today's professionals, it is still possible to realize personal life by working smarter, setting priorities and appropriate career choices. Science and technology are becoming more and more important to modern society.

Schools should spend more time teaching science and technology, and less on arts and humanities. In short, schools should not spend less time on arts and humanities. These areas of research expand and strengthen the study of mathematics and science, which not only helps to protect the richness of our entire human heritage, but also inspires us to further develop.

In addition, the humanities provide the method and environment to evaluate our technical ethics and determine its correct direction + job security and compensation should be based on employee performance, not reward employees for years of service, but mainly because they have worked for many years and do not encourage them to maintain consistent high productivity. At the end of the day, the statement correctly identifies performance as the best standard for wages and job security. However, this statement is too much.

It ignores the fact that the increase in the cost of living of lifelong employees not only increases loyalty, but ultimately productivity, but also requires how far the boss should go when criticizing the performance of subordinates? As we all know, some very successful managers rely on verbal abuse and intimidation. Do you think it's an effective way to convey expectations. If not, what alternatives should managers use when dealing with someone? If employees' work is not satisfactory, supervisors should avoid abusing and threatening their subordinates, and in the long run, these methods are unlikely to produce the best results.

When dealing with unsatisfactory work performance, it is more respectful to deal with problems in a clear way, which may be more effective, honest and supportive feedback in general.






I see that there are two kinds of pressure on college students today: financial pressure and parental pressure. It's easy to look for rebels everywhere, accusing universities of overcharging and parents pushing their children too far. But there are no rebels, only victims who are under great pressure.

They just want to graduate and find a job. If I were an employer, I would rather hire graduates with such breadth and curiosity than those who pursue safety subjects and high scores narrowly. The students I know, their curiosity makes me happy.

I like to listen to their ideas. I don't know whether their grades are a or C. I don't care.

I also like them, because they are the people the country needs. They will find satisfactory jobs. I tell them to relax.

They can't and can't blame them. They live in a cruel economic era. Even if he works part-time in University and works full-time in summer vacation, he will increase after graduation Add loans to encourage them to go to the world.

He has fallen behind. How can he not feel the pressure of the whole university to prepare for this day? The economic pressure and the pressure from parents are very important. The two are deeply integrated r students.

They fall into one of the oldest Internet love, responsible and guilty parents mean good: they are trying to guide their children to a safe life But their sons and daughters want to major in history, clics or philosophy, and have no "practical" value. What is the return of humanities? To convince these loving parents that the humanities can really give them the ability to learn creative leaders in such fields as history and clics, just business or almost any other field.